Code of Ethics

To carry out the purpose of the organization, the Texas Tumor Registrars Association has adopted the following code of ethics:

The Tumor (Cancer) Registrar will:

  • Strive to uphold the purposes of the Association by seeking to improve personal knowledge and quality of work performed by sharing knowledge and experience with other registrars and by being diligent in furthering knowledge in all phases of registry work.
  • Conduct herself with dignity, and in doing so, bring honor to herself, the tumor registrar profession, and the Association.
  • Preserve the confidentiality of the health records and decisions made at Cancer Committee Meetings and patient care clinics.
  • Promote to others the tenets of confidentiality.
  • Represent truthfully and accurately professional credentials, education, and experience.
  • Refuse to participate in illegal and unethical acts and uphold the standards of the profession by reporting any breach of this Code to the Executive Committee of the Association.

Guidelines for Consultants

  • The rules of confidentiality shall be strictly observed with respect to one’s knowledge of a great many hospitals.
  • Fees shall be fair and equitable and shall be calculated as accurately as possible; underestimated charges may not be recouped.
  • Scope of project, project deliverables, timeliness, and responsibilities of both consultant and contracting facility shall be well established before work is begun.
  • Use of a hospital’s materials for samples or examples shall be used only by permission in writing.
  • When representing commercial vendors, care shall be taken to avoid downgrading other products or services, whether commercial or non-profit.
  • Conflict or interest shall be avoided.
  • The Code of Ethics of the Texas Tumor Registrars Association (TxTRA) and the National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA) shall be adhered to at all times.