Compiled and written by Jane Yoakum

In April 1972, a statewide cancer registry workshop, sponsored by the Texas Department of Health, was held in Austin, Texas. During this workshop, a majority of tumor registry personnel present agreed to establish a state association of tumor registrars. Those in attendance were asked to assist in the founding of such an association, and an ad hoc committee under the guidance of Amelia Menchetti was formed to write by-laws and outline membership requirements.

Following months of work, determination and dedication, the Texas Tumor Registrars Association was chartered by the State of Texas on October 31, 1972. The Charter meeting was held in Dallas on November 3, 1972, and was well attended by tumor registrars from across the State of Texas. By-laws were adopted, officers elected, and TxTRA was declared a non-profit professional association, with membership open to all persons employed directly or indirectly in the tumor registry field. Purposes of the Texas Tumor Registrars Association, were set forth in the by-laws.

The official seal of TxTRA was adopted November 3, 1972, at this charter meeting. The outline of Texas represents the state in which we serve. The quill symbolizes our responsibility to record all information concerning the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of our cancer patients. The sword symbolizes our weapon to use against cancer through our professional endeavors as tumor registrars.

National Cancer Registrars Association’s Founding Members from Texas

Delores de AriasDorothy Rankins GibsonClara Proctor
Pearl BakerDebbie Moore MaciasMarvel Smith
Marie ChristiePat MapesMargaret Studer
Nan FobbsMarie MaxfieldMildred Tresenriter
Guadalupe FunkAmelia M. MenchettiVernette Wuthrich

Texas Tumor Registrars Association’s Charter Members

Delores de AriasCynthia HarrisAmelia Menchetti
Pearl BakerNancy HollowayDebbie Moore Macias
Ruth ByersHarta HowardClara Proctor
Mary ChristieSuzy HoylerMarvel Smith
Laurell DeckerAnn MallardMildred Tresenriter
Guadalupe FunkMary MapesLaMonda Whitley
Dorothy Rankins GibsonMarie MaxfieldBea Wohleb

Past Presidents and Annual Meeting Sites

Marie Maxfield1973-1974Houston
Pearl Baker1974-1975Dallas
Ruth Byers1975-1976San Antonio
Sue Dugat1976-1977Galveston
Nancy Parnell1977-1978Temple
Mildred Tresenriter1978-1979Dallas
Suzanne Hoyler1979-1980San Antonio
Pat Mapes1980-1981Corpus Christi
Mary Martinez1981-1982Houston
Rosemary McKee1982-1983Temple
Barbara J. Kirk1983-1984San Antonio
David S. Johnson1984-1985South Padre
Lupe Funk1985-1986Houston
LaNell Witcher1986-1987Galveston
Pamela Matthys1987-1988San Antonio
Clara Carsten1988-1989Dallas
Pandora Ashley1989-1990Temple
Pat Tesch1990-1991Houston
Juanita Ingram1991-1992Austin
Vickie Lutrick1992-1993Fort Worth
Lola Eastham1993-1994Lubbock
Jane Remmy1994-1995San Antonio
Dorothy Loughran1995-1996Austin
Dianne Ketchum1996-1997Dallas
Carol Poehl1997-1998Fort Worth
Jackie Steele1998-1999Houston
Judy Jacobs1999-2000Galveston
Kathy Stevenson2000-2001Clear Lake, Houston
Nita Raidy2001-2002Dallas
Mary Kimmel2002-2003San Antonio
Veronica Shrode2003-2004Austin
Elaine Woods2004-2005Arlington
Deidre Watson2005-2006Austin
Vivian Heep2006-2007Fort Worth
Joyce Ritter2007-2008San Antonio
Bobbie Graham2008-2009Houston
Anna Burt2009-2010Corpus Christi
Janet Reynolds2010-2011Rockwall
Gay Jordan2011-2012Hurst
Sarah Taylor2012-2013Houston
Kathy Baskin2013-2014Fort Worth
Misty Sonnenberg2014-2015Grapevine
Dee Moncada2015-2016Dallas
Vicki Holmes2016-2017Grapevine
Cynthia Jeffrey2017-2018Grapevine
Susan Perez2018 – 2019Austin
Marie Gallegos2019-2020