President’s Corner

We had a great conference in October at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas. Kuddos to the TxTRA spirit of everyone working together to achieve this, President Cynthia Jeffrey, Program Chair, Kathy Baskin and the Program Committee, and all the Committees that worked behind the scenes all year long. We have goals for this coming year to include TxTRA members and registrars across the state.

Our strategic committee is working towards providing opportunities to build relationships with our peers located in the same region or area. This can be meetings, get together to discuss problem cases or enjoy a meal and relax. The regional registrars decide what the activities will be, where and how often. This is definitely a work in progress. Although we encourage joining TxTRA, you do not have to be a TxTRA member to get involved. We encourage you to take the opportunity to meet your colleagues. Please visit our website to see who the Board of Trustee (BOT) is for your region. A few registrars have already stepped up to represent their regions. If you are interested please get in touch with the BOT in your region. There is definitely room for more than one representative in each region.

Texas Health Region Bot Contacts

At this year’s conference, someone suggested that as an organization we needed to get more involved in the community. What a wake-up call! With jobs, family and other important aspects of our lives it is difficult to work anything else in our busy schedules. However, I agree that it is important to get involved in the community and educate people on who cancer registrars are, and the important work that we do in our community, state and nation. We encourage regions across the state to determine what opportunities are available. Get involved! The representative for Region 7, Velma Garza, is looking into the Relay for Life in the spring as one option for our region. There are opportunities for the Relay for Life across the state if that would be a good fit for your region.   For more information and locations please visit:

Relay for Life

Our 2019 TxTRA conference, will be in the Austin area. Additional information will be forthcoming as soon as we secure the venue and set the date and have additional information to share.

I feel privileged to serve as president of TxTRA for this coming year. I look forward to working with the Board, Committees, TxTRA members and registrars. Please reach out with any ideas, suggestions or technical support in our work. We have a wealth of technical knowledge in our membership and are always happy to help and learn especially with the challenge of 2018 changes.

Susana Perez, CTR
TxTRA President