TxTRA Nominations

Dear Colleagues,

It’s that time of the year where we look to each of you to represent and lead our professional organization. Please consider the positions we have open and nominate yourself and/or one of your peers that would be willing to move TxTRA forward.

The Nominating Committee encourages you to get involved in TxTRA and make a difference.
Our motto this year is “Together We Will Succeed”.

Texas has the 4th largest Cancer Registry in the U.S., your voice is important and will make a difference.
We know there are many creative and energetic members who could help provide the leadership and expertise necessary to help the organization reach our goals and strive for more and better. Each and everyone of you has a special talent that is so important and will greatly impact our organization.

Please consider where you might best serve TxTRA and be an active participant in your professional organization. Remember YOU are TxTRA. Change and growth are vital to our organization and profession and can only happen with your involvement.

Nomination Bio’s should be completed by June 26, 2019.

If you have any questions about the responsibilities of positions you are interested in please visit our Procedure Manual on the TxTRA website or reach out to a TxTRA board member.

The Nominating Committee

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