SEER*Educate is an online training platform for people in the cancer registry profession or interested in working in a registry, providing materials for people with different educational backgrounds and work experience. The SEER* training curriculum includes material for:

  • Recent graduates preparing for a registry job
  • Registrars studying for the ODS exam
  • ODSs earning CE hours in Practical Application
  • Experienced ODSs training on new coding guidelines

The exercises are accessed from the Training Menu, which is divided into these sections:

  • Casefinding Exercises – No CEs
    • Path scenarios
    • Scan scenarios
  • Coding Exercises (CE’s Available)
    • Solid Tumor Rules
    • Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Database and Manual
    • Histology
    • EOD, Summary Stage, Grade, SSDI
    • Note: Some closed for CEs exercises for recent older dx years are listed in this menu
  • ODS Prep – No CEs
    • SEER Program Coding and Staging Manual
    • CoC Cancer Program Standards
    • Cancer Registry Management – 3rd Edition (for 2022 ODS exam)
    • Cancer Registry Management – 4th Edition
    • Coding Drills – Histology, Site, Surgery
    • Disease Information
    • Statistics Practice
  • General Knowledge Tests menu
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Medical Terminology
    • Statistics Theory
  • SEER Educational Workshop (CEs Available)
    • New exercises annually
  • Retired Tests (Closed for new CE)
    • Older content that may still provide relevant practice
    • Out-of-date content is permanently removed from public view every February

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