International Day of Friendship

Friendship is one of the purest and innate relations of affection among souls, which adore the spirit of the individual.  As this day is celebrated with the intention to uplift the worth of those we call friends. However, everyone in the world celebrates this day by sharing gifts and sending greetings!

Facts about friendship day:

  • Paraguay is known as the first country to celebrate International Friendship Day.
  • In 1967, a rock band named Beatles released the song With a little help from my friends as part of the tenth anniversary of Friendship Day.
  • ‘You are less stressed by everyday life when you are surrounded by true friends’ says psychology.
  • According to a study it is found that people over the age of 70 years are likely found to live 22% longer life if they had a network of real friends.
  • Productivity data shows an increase in 7% of productivity if the work is done along with friends.
  • You need to have at least 2-3 friendships at a time to get know about real benefits.
  • The human brain has the capacity to keep only 150 relations or friendship.
  • Animals are able to form friendship with ones that are not from their own species.
  • One out of twelve will last from your 396 lifelong friends that you make.
  • 1% of our DNA is shared by close friends. Good friends are said to be genetically similar.

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