ODS Exam Scholarship Application

  1. General Applicant Qualifications:

    1. The scholarship is intended to benefit TxTRA members who contribute to the data collection efforts for Texas residents.
    2. Must be a TxTRA member for at least one (1) year in good standing.
    3. Must not have previously received TxTRA funds for the exam.
  2. Qualifications to Sit for NCRA’s ODS Examination:

    1. Applicant must meet the eligibility criteria for certification as defined by the National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA), Council on Certification
    2. The maximum scholarship amount available to an applicant is half the fee for NCRA members (regardless of the applicant’s membership status with NCRA). Currently, the fee for a member of NCRA is $335.00.
  3. Application Process:

    1. Applicant completes, signs, and submits the online scholarship application (below). It is now submitted online and not through the mail.
    2. The Education Chair will:
      1. Distribute the application to the Education Committee members for review and approval;
      2. Verify TxTRA membership with the Membership Chair (President-Elect);
      3. Send the approved application to the Treasurer with a request for payment and a scholarship letter to the recipient.
    3. Upon approval, the Treasurer will issue a check to the applicant to send along with the scholarship letter.
    4. Each year, the TxTRA Board approves the amount allocated for ODS exam scholarships. Availability of funds will be a consideration in the application approval process.
    5. Applicants not approved for funding will be notified in writing. The rationale for not approving the request will be included in the letter.

ODS Exam Scholarship Application

Applicant Information

Are you a member of TxTRA?
Are you a member of NCRA?

Test Information

TxTRA will provide funding for ½ the amount of the fee for NCRA members.