Texas Health Region Board of Trustees Contacts

Networking Across the State!

Cancer Registrars reaching out to other registrars for coding, staging, or treatment questions; 2018 changes or resources; or sharing a meal. Please see below for the contact information for your region or the region closest or most convenient for you.

Each region has a Board of Trustee (BOT) member assigned to serve as a point of contact between registrars and the Executive Committee. If you are interested in being a representative for your region please contact the appropriate BOT.

PHR 1 Contact: trustee1@txtra.org Dianna Miller

PHR 2 Contact: trustee2@txtra.org Dianna Miller

PHR 3 Contact: trustee3@txtra.org Carolyn Jones-Garrett

PHR 4 Contact: trustee4@txtra.org Dianne Cleveland

PHR 5 Contact: trustee5@txtra.org Dianne Cleveland

PHR 6 Contact: trustee6@txtra.org Alejandra Madrigales

PHR 7 Contact: trustee7@txtra.org Alejandra Madrigales

PHR 8 Contact: trustee8@txtra.org Misty Sonnenberg

PHR 9 Contact: trustee9@txtra.org Melody Moon

PHR 10 Contact: trustee10@txtra.org Melody Moon

PHR 11 Contact: trustee11@txtra.org Misty Sonnenberg