The Pros Network: Episode 2 — “Resources for Now, Resources for Later”

Please join the HIMpros and TxTRA as we embark on Episode 2 of The Pros Network with Sara Holton, Lauren Elliott and Amanda Schafranek to discuss resources for becoming a CTR, and to use while you are a CTR.


By the end of this one-hour panel discussion, participants will be able to:

  • Clearly define and categorize various types of resources that a CTR utilizes
  • Highlight the crucial role resources play in organizational success, emphasizing how efficient resource management leads to achievement of the CTR credential, increased productivity and quality in your daily tasks
  • Discuss strategies for effective resource organization, addressing the challenges and benefits associated with optimizing resource management, exploring practices that ensure long-term availability to ensure the utilization of the most current resources
  • Highlight the important role that being a mentor or having a mentor plays in a successful career in cancer registry
  • Discuss the resources and skills necessary to obtain a job in the cancer registry field with no prior experience
  • Explore the wide availability of educational opportunities available and obtaining continuing education
  • Guide the audience through a discussion of the importance of education in the cancer registry profession

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