Tumor Registrar

CHI St. Joseph Health


Establish and maintain the efficient operation of a tumor registry. The individual registers and follows patients with a diagnosis of malignancy in order to retrieve and analyze cancer data and to disseminate this data to the Medical Staff and Hospital Administration to improve cancer care and in accordance with professional ethics.

Job Description:

ESSENTIAL CASEFINDING: Establish procedures for identifying all cases of malignant disease from departments of the hospital and clinics where patients are diagnosed and treated, such as pathology, radiation therapy and oncology clinics; and from the medical record department`s disease index.

ABSTRACTING: Accurately obtain core information from the patient`s medical records, including demographic characteristics, history of cancer, diagnostic procedures, diagnosis, stage, extent of disease and treatment in accordance with the ACOS and State of Texas requirements.

FOLLOW-UP: Regularly follow all living patients to obtain end-results information on the quality of life length and survival. Develop a strategy for patients “lost to follow-up”. Identify deceased patients.

DATA MANAGEMENT: Organize and maintain a computerized data system which will conform to the standards of ACOS and State of Texas Tumor Registry operation and meet the needs of registry users.

This includes:

  • maintaining patient confidentiality and data base security
  • accurately coding and entering data into the data base
  • developing and maintaining quality control of all procedures
  • developing and maintaining a registry procedure manual
  • developing and distributing the necessary forms for collection, processing and analysis of data.


DATA RETRIEVAL AND ANALYSIS: Regularly assemble and disseminate data collected tumor registry; answer requests for data; and prepare routine and special reports including the Annual Report which summarize the experience of the hospital. This includes preparing narrative reports and graphic presentations of data in support of continual improvement of patient care and administrative planning.

CANCER PROGRAM ACTIVITIES: Coordinate the activities of the Tumor Registry with those of the Cancer Committee and Cancer Conference (Tumor Board). This includes assisting the Cancer Committee in developing criteria for two patient care evaluations annually and carrying out short-term and/or long-term audits as required. It also includes maintaining liaisons with the ACOS and State of Texas accreditation and regulatory agencies as well as other tumor registries.

ADMINISTRATION: Plan, administer and direct the operation of the tumor registry including recruiting, training and supervising tumor registry personnel.

EDUCATION & TRAINING: Give orientation to medical staff and allied health professionals, as well as, new employees and volunteers.

OTHER: Performs other duties as assigned to meet the organization`s needs.

Required Qualifications:
red: Two-year or Associates Degree with core courses in specified fields
Preferred: N/A
Required: N/A
Preferred: N/A
Required: 2-3 years in Tumor Registry with thorough knowledge of ICD-9 ACOS & SEER Staging system
Preferred: 3-5 years in Tumor Registry with thorough knowledge of ICD-9ACOS & SEER Staging system
Required: N/A
Preferred: N/A
Required: CTR or eligibility to sit for the exam
Preferred: N/A

Instructions for Resume Submission:

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Please contact lcoligan@st-joseph.org for any questions or concerns.